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Gloves Size Chart

How to determine your glove size: Well, we will be the first to tell you there are 3 ways to work out your glove size…


You’ve been wearing a lot of gloves doing time in the shop or at the track… “I got this. I don’t need a fancy chart to tell me my size.” You can order what you know works. No worries… You have 30 days to return, if all else fails.


Normally your T-Shirt size (i.e. M, L or XL) are a good indicator for what your glove size is. For example, if you are a Medium size shirt… good chances are you are also a Medium size glove. You have to remember though… Our gloves are form fitting so we can increase dexterity. Most men like it tight – so go with what you know. This option also works best for people buying Gifts.


The third option is a little more complicated so that you are more accurate in your buying decision for glove sizes. Print out the Glove Sizing Chart in the below DOWNLOAD link. Then Print at 100% or Actual Size. You should use your right hand to work out the glove size by placing your hand on the chart and then picking a size closest to the size line on the right size.