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WTD Seeks the Top Talent on the Planet.

From Automotive to Software Gaming to Fashion Designers

Mission: Glove designs that integrate, enhance & connect the user experience. Slide’em is a wearable technology design company that produces gloves & other textiles for sale around the world. The company will build its image as a quality destination for wearable glove solutions and glove experts for our customers around the world.


WTD Gloves was birthed in 2017 at SEMA show with a line up of gloves designed for the next generation mechanic. WTD stands for Wearable Technology Designs and is a brand / glove line under Slide’em Inc. Slide’em is a start-up glove designs & wearable technology solutions producer and distribution company. Its strategy is to serve both mass and niche markets across multi-channel verticals. It will capitalize on the Smartglove engineering and manufacturing used to make gloves touchscreen compatible for any touchscreen device. Our approach to glove design and manufacturing is radically reinventing the glove industry allowing us to quickly expand into new markets where touchscreen gloves are new and innovative. There are many untapped potential markets within this industry that desire high-quality, private label goods, including licensing for large brand names.

It is the company’s intention to build and export its products around the world and be the number one glove destination for the private label industry and licensing agreements. To do this, the company’s long-term goals are to achieve a strong market share around the world, build brand image and brand equity through marketing, achieve a sustainable profit, and eventually produce branded wearable technology designs (WTD) in addition to the initial private label & licensee categories.

The Smartglove™ formulated conductive materials has long lasting durability while maintaining long-life conductive levels – guaranteed to work on all touch screen devices. The Smartglove™ material is ergonomically designed into each glove to achieve high accuracy. The glove has enough elastic movement to allow flexibility – yet still tight enough to increase control of your fingers, eliminating bulky material that reduces the user dexterity. Every fine detail of material engineering has been put into how people use touch screen gloves and then working backwards from those user requirements. Infused with a high concentration of conductive precious metals into the formula stage of mixing allowing the conductivity level to be dramatically increased for a high level of kW through the fingertips. This allows for high responsiveness and accuracy on any touch screen device with your gloves on. This is what put us on the map! Now it’s so cool… Our latest Gen2 version of Smartglove Technology even works on fingerprint scanning technology, like TouchID for IOS devices. Imagine what this technology can be used for! That’s why we need your help!


More than a job, a chance to shine.

Are you that special someone we need to be the glue, the nails, the master of everything… and pop out at the end of the day smiling with a cracking good story? We are going through an exciting change and need great talented creative people to make some big stuff happen.


We are not a big corporate. We are a startup company with a big vision. We care about our relationships with our clients and each other. We are a fast moving, nimble business with limited resources – the people on our team are here because they want to make a difference and work hard and creatively to make that happen. We are not perfect, we have heaps of work to do. We like people who can think big and strategic and also get their hands dirty.

We’re a world leader in glove design & manufacturing and supply our automotive, outdoor, performance sport and active lifestyle categories to more than 20,000 stores across 10 countries. We are headquartered in Barrie, right out of a garage; just like Apple, Microsoft, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson and more… we are also planning on a new regional office/warehouse in the US launching in 2018 and our Innovation Centre in Shanghai, China.

If this opportunity feels like the type of job you’re passionate about, and it fits with your skills and experience, please click APPLY to send us your CV with a cover letter explaining why you’d be right for the Slide’em / WTD Gloves team. Good luck!